Hello, I’m Anuja!

A writer, a designer, a singer and everything creative. I love how few words can express the whole story and how sometimes no words are enough to tell a tale. I enjoy playing with the words in a way they guide me and also getting lost in their emotions. I live in Bangalore and I work as a Creative Designer. Published in IndianPoets website in 2017. I run my own Podcast Musafir Hun Yaaronwhere I talk about everything I love from self love to travel to body positivity.


  • Game at the Bar
    It’s not a token of pyaar It’s just a game to be played at the bar It’s not a token of miss Just a sweet little kiss From all the bottoms up on our first meet Drinking from those plastic glasses was our need Crossing our hands into each other for every shot Do youContinue reading “Game at the Bar”
  • It was always you
    It’s you who has taken a decision which I was never a part of It’s you who thought I am not worth of what I desire for I remember the day when you said you wanted out I remember me juggling for answers which I had no questions for I wonder if it was timeContinue reading “It was always you”
  • A Trip with Strangers
    I went on a trip with a group from Gurgaon – Unite Strangers. On this trip me and my friend Manik, we traveled as videographers and got a chance to capture the whole trip on our cameras. This is the second video of the Unite Strangers series. Series of 2 videos. I hope you guysContinue reading “A Trip with Strangers”

Not all those who wander are lost.


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