The different kinds of people you meet on your travel

“One of the best thing about travelling is that you get to find out how many amazing people are out there.”

Travelling is a journey which takes you to new places and make you meet some new amazing people, some similar to us and some so different from us that we sometimes find other side of our personality along with them. Even if you meet these strangers for a very small period of time, you form a different kind of bond with them.

Here is the list of kind of different interesting people I have met on my journey in these years. But before we get into the list, I would really say, book yourself a ticket to a place you always wanted to visit and get out and explore. You might find people you connect with. 


Har ek friend zaruri hota hai’

Disclaimer: You might find the content to be little stereotype but it’s not written with the thought of hurting anyone. 

  1. The Culture Nomads

Normal touristy spots are not for these kind of travellers. They like to get deep into the culture of the place they are visiting. So, you might see them roaming around in the places where people live rather than those tourist spots. Interacting with locals and trying to know their culture. Don’t be surprised if you see them dressed as the traditional attire of that place. They have their calendar open with no plans or timings to visit any place but they start wandering in the areas and just start the conversations. 

2. The Newbie

These are the kind who are on their first trips. They look so prepared with all their to-do list and itinerary and timings set for places. You mostly can see 2 kinds in this category. One who is too over excited and can’t wait to explore more and more. The to-do list and timings set for places and the other one’s are those who are dragged to these places by their family or friends. They are very uninterested and can be seen stuck with there smart phones and laptops and engaged in their series or what not. You can feel that they might be happier some other place than the one they are at right now. 

3. The Photographer

Everyone should have one of this kind in their group. The one who can take pictures of every moment and keep it alive forever. Those who travel with there camera batteries all charged and an extra bag for their camera gears. Their pictures says the story as a whole and you find it very touching after the trip. You can sit and talk for hours because the picture are worth thousand words. 

4. The Entrepreneur

This is all the impact of social media lifestyle. They are a new kind of traveller. These are generally the blogger, from their interested fields, maybe fashion, travel, photography, etc. looking for some great and authentic content for their next blog. Either they are there on their own expense or sponsored by the one company or group they are blogging for. Freelance photographers and writers, they all fall in this category.

5. The Hippie

Those funky clothes and hairstyles, the one who can’t care less about the thoughts of others around. they can be spotted with a backpack and their musical instruments. They can create a vibe where they all sit. They meet strangers as they are friends for long, have a great time and move to a new location. This group is so fun to be around with. They let you be you and they help you see altogether a different side of yourself. 

6. The DJs

No travel is complete without a full music playlist. Bring it on and they have a song fit for every mood and every vibe. We all enjoy a person like this in the group or in the hostel we plan to stay at in our solo travels. They set the vibe for the Bonfires and evening get togethers. Middle of no where and you can feel like you are in a different zone with the kind of music collection they carry. That is just amazing.

7. The ‘finding myself’ kind

The one who have seen a lot of solo travel movie and are so inspired by that they have decided to have a journey like that for themselves. In the urge to discover themselves, they are ready to try many new things and experiencing everything possible. This usually means that you can find a partner in crime with these kind of people.

8. The Nomads

Do you see people with those 15kgs of backpacks as if they have packed there livelihood and put that on their backs. Well these are the Nomads. They start there journey with nothing specific on their mind. They might be coming from a beautiful journey and are planning to continue it further. They look so satisfied and fulfilled. They keep hopping from one place to another and have no roots. They are best storytellers as they have experienced so much, everything for them is different from others. 

9. The unsatisfied one’s 

The one’s who are never satisfied. ‘I wish we had more time’ is their common sentence. They believe that they have not visited all the places and yet there is still the scope and this makes them miss the already amazing places that they visited and enjoyed. They get annoying at times for a group of people but they are also our own. We love them no matter what. 

Did I miss any?

Tell me in the comments below.

10 super food for these summers

The unbearable heat and continuous sweat, the summers are here again. And here are some super foods to keep you cool in this weather.

  1. Mangoes

Mangoes are one of the most loved fruits in the summers. This super food is filled with antioxidants, which is amazing for a healthy body. Cold mangoes in summers are one of my favourite. I can’t wait for the first rains, because my mum says only after that will your mangoes be sweet and believe me I like mine sweet. There are so many options and varieties, and I just love all of it.

2. Oranges

Oranges being rich in citric acid, helps in controlling acne. It has got exfoliating properties giving the skin shine and youthful glow. As oranges are rich in Vitamin C, it increases the production of collagen, which controls signs of ageing and giving a firm skin. Enjoy this as juice or if you are eating it, use black salt with it to have amazing taste, you will enjoy it alot.

3. Tomatos

Cold tomatoes keeps me cool and I think you should try it soon. Add tomato in your salad with your lunch and it will cool your body and you will be feel good. Tomatoes contains antioxidants called lycopene which protects the skin from UV rays which causes sunburns. Our body naturally tans itself when exposed to sun rays but sudden exposure to a lot of it causes sunburns.

4. Carrots

A variety of carrot is well noted for its heat tolerance. In summers, many of us face issues with our digestion as food is not well digested because of the heat. Carrots help in digestion and prevents from constipation.

5. Cucumbers

Cucumber is full of water. 95 percent of cucumber is water, and hence it is best for keeping the body hydrated. It is a must have as it detoxifies the body and keeps the skin healthy and beautiful.

6. Sweet Potato

Helps in increasing metabolism and also a great source for iron. Eat it with black salt and you will need nothing else. It is so fulfilling and doesn’t burn in the stomach like the spicy food we all love eating. Enjoy sweet potato like a snack in the evening and it will curb your hunger for junk food.

7. Dark Chocolate

Chocolates are everyone’s favourite and if you don’t like chocolates, Whyyyyy???

It is one of my favourite thing in summers. Good to get relief from inflammation and it helps in reducing sun damage to the skin. Very thing about chocolate is amazing and so I believe, no matter if it’s summers or winters, chocolate is super food for the year.

8. Watermelon

Full of water, it helps in keeping the body hydrated. Sunny days takes a toll on our body and watermelon is the ideal way to ward off the heat stroke. The amount of electrolytes in watermelon is so high that it stimulates perspiration , which naturally cools the body. Spary a little amount of lemon on it and there you go. You can make many recipes with watermelon and even add it in the salad. My parents even enjoy the vegetable made by the outer layer of watermelon. I never imagined it, but it tastes well. Enjoy it guys.

9. Brocolli

Coming from the cabbage family, we can categorise broccoli as an edible green plant. Add this to your diet to reduce allergic reaction and inflammation which is very common in summers and our skin is exposed to continuous sun which damages the skin.

10. Walnuts

Nuts in summers is an amazing choice and results in lovely and healthy choice.

In summers it is cooling factor to our body and also helps in reducing the risk of chronic disease such as heart disease or diabeties.

So am I missing any super food. Tell me in the comments section and let’s add that too.

See you guys next time. XOXO.

Using an Ayurvedic Oil and Shampoo – SESA

SESA – Oil and Shampoo

Hey People,

I am back with a product this time which is Ayurvedic.

Today the product I chose to do a review on is SESA Ayurvedic hair care range.

Products I am reviewing are 2:

*SESA Strong Roots Ayurvedic Hair oil

*SESA Ayurvedic Strong Roots – Hair Strengthening Shampoo + Conditioner. 

I have been using this from my childhood and then as I shifted my cities and places, I got introduced to new brands and I forgot the one that always helped me. I am happy that I am back to this brand after so long and especially at a time when I am having severe hair loss.

Let’s talk about the Brand first.

First and foremost, this Brand, SESA Care is proudly Made in India.

It holds more than 20 years of legacy and are leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of Ayurvedic Hair Care products.

SESA Care combines the ancient ayurvedic 5000 years old knowledge with modern best-in-class manufacturing practice to deliver high-quality organic, herbal, chemical-free products and so this brand is highly rated and has got a lot of positive customer feedback.

SESA care uses the patented ayurvedic ‘Kshir Pak Vidhi’process which enhances the effect that herbs and oils provide.

‘Kshir Pak Vidhi’ is a process in which 26 herbs and 6 nourishing oils are boiled together in milk.


SESA Strong Roots Ayurvedic Hair oil- 

This oil targets the roots as they quote – “The Route to Stronger Hair Begins with the Stronger Roots” I strongly believe in it.

Due to stress, undernourishment, pollution, hectic lifestyle and many other factors, the problem of hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp dry and weak/lifeless hair is very common now a days. 

What SESA Strong Roots oil targets:

·     Builds Healthy & Strong Roots  and Removes Dandruff

·     Reduced Hairfall by nourishing the Scalp & Hair

·     Enhanced Hair Growth by repairing damaged hair.

·     Improves Blood Circulation

·     Reduced Stress & Headache

Details of SESA Strong Roots Ayurvedic Hair oil

SESA strong roots oil is certified

SESA Ayurvedic Strong Roots – Hair Strengthening Shampoo + Conditioner.

The Hair cleanser is a blend of shampoo & conditioner, which means you need not apply conditioner after using this on your hair.

It is a 2 in 1 hair cleanser which cleanses the scalp & hair and makes it smooth & silky.

What SESA Strong Roots Shampoo + Conditioner targets:

·     Cleanses & Nourishes hair

·     Prevent Hair fall

·     Curbs Dandruff and Repair Damage

Details of SESA Ayurvedic Strong Roots – Hair Strengthening Shampoo + Conditioner.

GMP & Ayurvedic product certified.

If you want to buy this product, use the below link and you wont regret it:

I will see you next time. 


Game at the Bar

Game at the Bar

It’s not a token of pyaar

It’s just a game to be played at the bar

It’s not a token of miss

Just a sweet little kiss

From all the bottoms up on our first meet

Drinking from those plastic glasses was our need

Crossing our hands into each other for every shot

Do you remember we even lost the count of bottles it seems

Those stairs on the terrace felt like the perfect place for our first kiss

But oh damn, wait, I could barely keep my hands away from your wrist

From the terrace to the balcony and even to the pool side

I just wish to know you more and stand by your side

It’s not a token of love

Just a memory to remember by

It’s not a token of bye Just some wishes for a fresh new sky.

It was always you

It was always you

It’s you who has taken a decision which I was never a part of

It’s you who thought I am not worth of what I desire for

I remember the day when you said you wanted out

I remember me juggling for answers which I had no questions for

I wonder if it was time or if it was fair on me or was it only you

I wonder how you left with no looking back too

For a minute I wondered if it was a dream, I kept pinching myself with no self esteem

How could I ever let you incharge of my life, when I knew people always leave me behind


Endless Life

Endless Life

I want this day to end I want this pain to end I want my nerves to feel me I want you to be out of my system

It’s you who left and it’s me who is left behind Come back or take me.

This day seems incomplete, this sentence seems incomplete, My breath seems incomplete

I tried to hold tight, I tried to stand straight, but this feeling doesn’t go away

I die day by day

I know you don’t want me back, I know you ended it for real. 
But I still stand with the fear what if you were unclear.

My heart beats for you, my life is all about you but now as you are gone, I am left with nothing at all

I want this day to end I want this pain to end I want my nerves to feel me I want you to be out of my system


Start your day with Cinnamon water, Lemon, and honey if needed

I started using this a month ago and the difference I see is amazing. I can’t tell you how calm my stomach feels. If you have bloating problem like I used to, this is something I suggest everyday in the morning.

Have a glass of it first thing in the morning and say bye bye to many of your health problems.

How do we make it. Well, it’s simple, what you need is

1 glass warm water

½ Lemon

¾ spoon of cinnamon powder

1 spoon Honey (if needed)

Now, since all the ingredients you need are here, let’s talk about every of it individually, as each of these have got it’s own benefits and mixing them together can do wonders.


This is a superfood which helps in minimisation of weight gain. It actually makes you feel fuller for a longer part of the day hence, saving you from munching every now and then. It helps in increasing your metabolism when included consistently in your diet.


Helping you with your waistline, this spice regulates blood sugar at the same time help in controlling your craving for some certain foods.

Cinnamon helps in lowering down your bad cholesterol and the unique part about this spice is, it acts like insulin in your body.

Like our first ingredient lemons, it also boost your metabolism helping in weight loss targeting the most stubborn abdominal fat of your body.

As I am working towards a healthy lifestyle and trying to make some better choices. I thought the best way is to note my progress by sharing the things I do.

Hope this helps you in some way.

Till next time. XOXO

Tips for Solo Female Traveller

Travelling solo or travelling with backpackers as solo. It’s very important to take care of yourself, because you are responsible for your own safety. Try following few suggestions, which always helped me.

1. Try reaching your destination during general hours and avoid odd hours When going to any place alone especially if it’s an unfamiliar place, always book your transportation in a way, that you don’t reach the destination at odd hours. And also when you start from that location, try not to start at odd hours. It can help you avoid lot of uninvited troubles. This is because when you are not aware of the place, you are also not sure about the transportation facilities (like buses, cabs, etc.) and also about safety features (like safe roads, police patrolling, etc.). And if in any case you end up with no other choice , it would be great to reach the airport or railway station or bus early and wait in the waiting room.

2. Use common sense and also believe in your instincts No matter which part of world you go to, when it comes to safety, the same rule applies. Don’t get into secluded areas like totally empty alleys, don’t ever accept drinks from any stranger, or don’t get drunk if you know you can not handle yourself, best is to always know your limits when it comes to drinking. Do not trust anyone blindly and never get to an area that you are unsure about, never leave your bag unattended and even never entertain any unattended bag, rather inform to nearby authorities etc. Best is to always be alert and trust your instincts to avoid bad situations like theft, teasing or anything that can spoil your trip and leave you with bad memories. I believe, your instincts are your best friend when you are travelling to any place to avoid troubles to the fullest.

3. Be like locals, behave like them, mingle with them Now as you have read a lot about the culture and kind of the place you are visiting, it becomes really easy to be like locals. Talk to locals to know more about the place. Read their vibes, if you feel safe, talk to locals to know more amazing places and inside stories about the place. The locals know much more then any tourist guide you can find. Mingle with them and also don’t ever be rude to them. People at tourist places understand many of the problems that we people go through and they are always kind enough to help. It always good to be kind to people and it does pay.

4. Find local connections if you have any If possible find local connections. In this world, we are so unaware of our own relatives but it is good to know if we have connections in these kinds of places. It’s not necessary to visit them and take these relatives as burden. But it is always good to know people you know in the area you are visiting. Moreover, have all the emergency contacts ready in hand in those places. So that no matter what, you feel safe in the area and if ever needed you can use the contacts to save yourself.

5. Have an open mind, and be informed Knowledge is always our best friend and so when travelling alone it is so important to read about the place. This can give you a very good idea about which is a safe place to stay in, places to visit, how to reach, know about the culture, what to wear. It is so good to read a lot and watch videos about the place and get familiarised with the area before even reaching. And with internet these days to gathering knowledge is easy. When ever in doubt read about it.

6. Book your stay It is very important to book your stay well in advance. To be frank, it saves you from paying a lot at the end moment or make a bad choice about the stay due to time constraint. Read blogs on where people stay and check the facilities based on ratings of the place. This way you will know where to go once you reach and believe me I am one person who needs a 15 mins of silence after travel and a place which I call my own for a while.

7. Try making friends there To be true, it is my hobby to meet new people at new places and know the area with their eyes too. Having a discussion over dinner about the area with some new friends mainly gives me an option for a new perspective towards everything in my life. So I wont be lying if I say that I usually start a conversation if I am at a new place with a complete stranger. But this happens only after I am sure of a positive vibe from the person. Making friends from different part of the world makes me know a lot about things in their lives and vice versa.

8. Be confident when you talk and be smart in taking decisions Asking for some information, or even asking for directions at new places is very common, so it becomes really important that when you talk to a stranger you sound confident and not lost.There are many ways that you can ask for an information. Sounding like you know the thing but there is a small confusion is far better than sounding totally lost on these kinds of trips. This gives people an opportunity to take advantage which is something you should always avoid.

9. Try carrying less of valuable items and if you do, be less showy When you are travelling to any place whether it’s new or old, it’s always better to not carry your expensive gadgets because you are not aware of how safe the area is and if the place you stay would have that kind of security to handle your valuables. Carrying your expensive gadgets during all times is not possible on the trips and so it is better not to carry them which also reduces the amount of stress you might have if you had to leave it at some place.

10. Carry your basic essentials, but don’t overdo it It’s very important that you carry your basics. Basics may include your toiletries, your (clothes, something like you can mix and match. Just don’t overdo anything on your clothes and on your other items. As you are the only person who will be carrying your items and your bags around, it is very important to know how much of the weight that are we comfortable in carrying.

11. Let your family and friends be informed about your travel itinerary I love visiting new places and more over my recent love for offbeat locations gives my parents chill. But I always make sure to share my itinerary with my family. Remember those whats app family groups we youngsters hate at times. I would prefer using those groups to share your itinerary with your family so that they are aware of your whereabouts and doesn’t panic unnecessarily. Our trips should be never of worry for others.

Important websites to make your travel plan easy.

– For your flights, Buses:

– For hotel bookings:

– For trains in India:

Also, check out

for some weekend treks and hiking. There are many groups like these locally ,who plan a small trips or treks with a small number of people and make it happen during weekends.

I hope all this information is useful to you in some or the other way. And I hope you enjoy all your trips to the fullest. Until next time. XOXO…

Let go and Live!

Far far from the city there lived a small man who was always sad, sad about everything, and everyone around him, so much so that people in the village used to avoid him. Living his life this way for so long, he never even used to smile when people cross by him on roads.One day out of surprise, people saw him smiling and laughing. When someone went up to him and asked, he responded in a very polite way, saying ‘I had been searching for happiness whole my life, and never could find it. But now when I decided to not search for it anymore and live my life to the fullest, I am finally happy.